Unlocking Dental Excellence: Dr. Evan Santiago Pioneers 3D Printing for Advanced Care

As a periodontist serving the East Bay, Dr. Evan Santiago, uses the latest dental technology to simplify and improve treatment for his patients. One of his most recent investments was a 3D printer.

3D printing has revolutionized many industries, and dentistry is no exception. This advanced dental technology helps Dr. Santiago provide patients with better, faster, more comfortable, and more predictable treatment — whether they are getting dental implants, need a temporary appliance, or night guard.

Dr. Santiago aims to be the most technologically advanced periodontist in the East Bay. His view toward the future of dentistry — and specifically his addition of a dental office 3D printer — makes this possible.

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What Is a 3D Printer?

3D printing uses a digital file to create a tangible three-dimensional object by laying down multiple layers of a semi-liquid material called resin. There are different resins for different types of dental applications. This type of manufacturing has quickly become popular because it allows practically anyone to produce physical objects from a virtual design.

Dentists have started using 3D printing technology to provide more precise patient care, allowing them to make things like clear aligners, dentures, crowns, whitening trays, and night guards. Dental 3D printing materials are designed for aesthetics, biocompatibility, durability, and safety in dental use.

Benefits of Using 3D Printing Technology

Since Dr. Evan Santiago in Oakland utilizes a 3D printer as part of a comprehensive patient care system, he can offer his patients more accurate and precise dental implant placement, faster turnaround times, and potentially reduced costs. Here are some of the benefits to his patients.

Consistent, High-Quality Products

A 3D printer works with other digital technology in the dental office, like intraoral scanners and 3D cone beam x-rays. A digital workflow reduces the room for human error and the labor needed to produce dental appliances. You’ll receive a high-quality product each time the 3D printer is used.


Having a 3D printer in the dental office allows Dr. Santiago to create custom appliances, like surgical guides and night guards, without using messy impressions. Turnaround time is also reduced because there is no waiting for the lab to make and deliver it. Instead, Dr. Santiago can immediately send the patient's digitally designed appliance to the 3D printer and fabricate it right in the office.

Eliminating the need to involve the lab means reduced patient wait time. It additionally means that the final product will likely be more accurate, reducing the number of appointments each patient needs.


After recording a digital picture of the patient's mouth, Dr. Sanitago can change the appliance or surgical guide as necessary using 3D printing software. These changes customize the final product to meet the patient’s particular needs. 3D printing implant surgical guides helps to improve accuracy, speed up recovery, and reduce discomfort. Printing night guards leads to faster delivery, increases accuracy leading to less adjusting, and allows for easy replacement should they be lost or damaged.

No Messy Impression Materials

Before 3D printing, dental impressions were required to fabricate many appliances. Various impression materials were inserted into the patient's mouth to create a mold. Stone was then poured into this mold, turning it into a stone model, but this process can introduce inaccuracies.

Digital impressions using an intraoral scanner are superior because they capture the finer details more accurately making the appliance fit more precisely. Impressions take just a few minutes and produce a more accurate replica of the mouth, all while eliminating messy impression materials.

Dental Uses for a 3D Printer

Dr. Santiago, a gum specialist, uses 3D printing in numerous ways. By doing so, these appliances are created much more cost-effectively for the patient than when sending them to a lab. However, patients can expect the same exceptional results.

East Bay Periodontics & Implant Dentistry incorporates 3D printing into so many of its practices. Some of the most common uses include surgical guides, night guards, teeth whitening trays, temporary crowns and appliances.

Surgical Guides

Dr. Santiago uses a dental 3D printer to create a surgical guide for drilling and cutting tissue. These guides assist him during surgery and make getting the best dental implants near Oakland a far quicker and more precise procedure. In addition, 3D printing technology makes it easier for Dr. Santiago to predict the outcome and long term success of your implants.

Night Guards

A night guard helps safeguard your teeth and dental work against the forces of grinding your teeth at night. Dr. Santiago can 3D print a night guard while you wait, using biocompatible FDA-approved materials. The final product is a long-lasting, high-quality device that will protect your teeth. Should you ever need a replacement night guard we can use your digital file to reprint one for you quickly.

Teeth Whitening Trays

Because 3D printer technology continues to advance, Dr. Santiago can eliminate a few steps in creating your custom whitening trays. This saves time, money, and materials. Because 3D printing is extremely precise, your whitening trays will have a highly accurate fit over your teeth.

Temporary Implant Crowns

Making a temporary crown can be a time-consuming process because you want it to have an accurate fit. With 3D printing, your dentist can make a temporary crown more quickly, providing an aesthetically pleasing and accurately fitting tooth. This temporary restoration will be durable until your permanent crown is ready to be made.

Caring for Patients Using Innovative Technology

Dr. Evan Santiago treats patients using modern technology like 3D printing, as well as hands-on patient care. Your treatment will always be customized to match your needs, whether you need gum surgery or want the best dental implants in East Bay. Dr. Santiago is a trustworthy dentist who is approachable and detail-oriented, focusing on giving you the best results. Schedule with East Bay Periodontics and Implant Dentistry today!

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