Surgical Tooth Extraction

Gum health issues and other complications can lead to the need for the removal of periodontally involved or non-restorable teeth. In these cases, the tooth or teeth are surgically extracted with the ultimate aim of providing a dental implant to replace the teeth within three to four months of the initial extraction.

The procedure and its follow-up seek to restore the damage caused by gum disease and/or cavities. This can help to regrow missing tissue and bone, preventing further tooth loss, reshaping the bone and eliminating any infection.

Each surgical extraction will vary depending on the extent of the gum disease and numerous other individual factors.

Are Extractions Right for Me?

An extraction is generally reserved for cases of advanced disease in which other treatments are unlikely to be effective.

Those who are already experiencing swollen and bleeding gums, substantial gum disease, or loose teeth may require surgical extraction. At East Bay Periodontics and Implant Dentistry we have the tools and experience to help determine whether you need an extraction or if the tooth can be saved.

During the Procedure

Individual procedures can vary depending on the extent of the damage that is present. Disease can damage or destroy the bone surrounding the roots of your teeth. This bone can be restored through grafting, in which bone from a human tissue bank, animal bone, or a synthetic source is placed directly into the socket.

A membrane is implanted between the gum and the bone cavity to prevent the spread of gum disease before the final dental implant.


Patients will generally require some type of mild pain relief medication and antibiotics for several days following the surgery. We will likely recommend a specific type of mouthwash to prevent infection, along with a diet of soft foods. Follow-up visits will be required to gauge progress, monitor for infection, and prepare for the final dental implant.

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