Ridge Augmentation

The alveolar ridge is the portion of the jawbone that surrounds the roots of your teeth. After extraction or loss of a tooth, the indentation left behind will typically heal, filling with bone and tissue. However, periodontal disease and complications can lead to this indentation remaining, collapsing, or otherwise deteriorating.

Ridge augmentation is a procedure that restores the alveolar ridge in order to allow for the placement of dental implants. The procedure includes bone grafting to restore any deteriorated or removed bone, restoring a suitable foundation for dental implants. It may be necessary to restore the bone’s height, width, or both for successful ridge augmentation.

Is Ridge Augmentation Right for Me?

Ridge augmentation is often necessary in cases of advanced periodontal disease. In these instances, the disease has led to a loss of bone within the jaw to the point that a dental implant cannot be supported.

A clinical exam and dental imaging can determine if a ridge augmentation is right for you.

During the Procedure

The procedure is carried out with a local anesthetic. The gum line is drawn back from the jaw, exposing the bone. Dr. Santiago applies bone graft material to restore the contours of the jawline and provide suitable support for a dental implant. In some cases, this procedure can be carried out at the same time as tooth extraction or dental implant placement.


The time between the procedure and complete healing to allow for the dental implant can be between six months to a year. Some bleeding or swelling is common immediately following the procedure. The patient will have to avoid strenuous activity, chewing at the site of the graft, and brushing for several days to weeks. Dr. Santiago will provide you with detailed post-op instructions before and after your surgery.

Ridge Augmentation

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