Teeth Whitening Trays 

Over time, it’s common for your teeth to become discolored based on what you eat and drink. Fortunately, modern dental technology allows you to easily and effectively achieve a brighter smile.

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure you can do at home when you have custom teeth whitening trays from Dr. Evan Santiago at East Bay Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. We use 3D printing technology to ensure our patients enjoy the best patient experience at the dentist — and that includes creating secure and comfortable take-home trays. 

What Are 3D-Printed Whitening Trays? 

3D printing in dentistry is the process of creating a three-dimensional object from a digital file. This method of manufacturing traditional dental appliances is entirely safe and very effective. 

We start by creating a digital impression of your teeth using a scanner. The impression gets sent to the 3D printer, along with instructions on how to design the whitening trays. After the machine has printed the trays, we can deliver the finished appliances to you. 

The Convenience of 3D-Printed Whitening Trays 

Most people think of gooey impression materials when referring to custom whitening trays. But with 3D printing, those days are gone. 3D printing at your dental office allows Dr. Santiago to use advanced dental technology to capture a detailed digital impression of your mouth.

When your models are more detailed, your take-home trays will fit your teeth perfectly. 

Benefits of 3D-Printed Take-Home Teeth Whitening in Oakland 

A properly designed whitening tray that securely fits over your teeth will seal tightly around the gums. This seal prevents bleaching material from leaking out onto the tissue. 

Additionally, a dentist who uses 3D printer technology for your whitening trays can provide the following benefits: 

  • Less gingival irritation
  • More secure and comfortable fit 
  • Improved results

3D printing in dentistry also provides convenience to patients because their whitening trays get created much quicker. And with the option to incorporate a reservoir to hold bleach within the tray, patients can enjoy reduced product waste.

Take Advantage of Advanced Technology in Oakland and the East Bay 

If you’re searching for an experienced periodontal or implant dentist who uses 3D printer technology, look no further than Dr. Evan Santiago from East Bay Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. Contact us to learn more about 3D-printed teeth whitening trays today! 

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