Night Guards

Teeth-grinding during sleep is a common concern, which causes teeth to chip or wear away. If you grind your teeth, you may even experience discomfort in your jaw. A custom night guard can offer an effective solution to protect your teeth from the damage that teeth-grinding can cause.

At East Bay Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, Dr. Evan Santiago offers 3D-printed night guards that are customized to suit your unique smile.

What Are 3D Printer Night Guards? 

A custom night guard is a removable appliance prescribed by your dentist who uses 3D printer technology. These devices are made with advanced dental technology, ensuring they fit your teeth perfectly. 

Dr. Santiago can make night guards in Oakland and the East Bay of varying degrees of thickness to give you optimal protection, but all of his 3D-printed night guards are made from hard, durable acrylic.

Why You Should Invest in a 3D-Printed Night Guard 

Thanks to 3D printing at your dental office, night guards are more affordable and convenient than ever before. You gain the following benefits when you trust Dr. Santiago to use this innovative technology to make your 3D-printed night guard. 

Comfortable Fit

We aim to ensure the best patient experience at the dentist — every time. This includes providing our patients with the most comfortable appliances possible. 

Investing in a 3D-printed night guard allows Dr. Santiago to create a customized device that will fit better and more securely, reducing the risk of slipping during use. 

Quick Turnaround Time 

Using traditional methods to create a night guard requires messy impressions and time at a lab. 3D printing, however, provides more convenience because you receive your appliance in less time.

Customized Treatment 

No two smiles are the same, so we use 3D-printed night guards to customize yours to meet your smile's specific needs. We’ll even adjust the thickness of the guard and softness of the material to match the level of grinding or clenching you display. 

Such detailed customization adds to the effectiveness of the protection provided for your teeth. 

Enjoy the Best Patient Experience in Oakland and the East Bay 

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